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The Black Back Cottage

The black back cottage is only one of the many Test & Service cards commissioned by Telecom Eireann during the first stages of callcard introduction into Ireland. The black back cottage was originally programmed to be used on Phone units incorporating the Monetal Mobile system, which were installed on Iarnod Eireann Trains throughout Ireland.

A total print issue of 1,000 cards was minted, however the cards never worked and were never sold to the public. After the trial finished, 650 surplus copies of the card were sold to collectors through the telecom Eireann Callcard Collectors Club.

Card Features:

How Much Will One Cost?

This is not an easy question to answer, as the value of the black back cottage has gone both up and down through out it's lifetime due to changes in demand. However expect to pay at least somewhere in the region of 90 - 110

Black Back Front View

Black Back Reverse View

Steven Hanley


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