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S.C.C.C. Competition


The S.C.C.C. in association with Spirit Telecom are proud to present you with the chance of winning a Limited Edition  Phonecard to celebrate Spirit Telecom's entry into the Irish Telecoms Marketplace.

The Card Entitled  "Setting The Telecoms Market On Fire" is of 10 notation of which there is only 500 minted and cannot be purchased in any shops therefore proving to be an excellent addition to anyone's collections.

Card Up For Grabs!!!

Phonecard Up For Grabs Provided By Spirit Telecom

Ok in order to enter this competition all you needed to do was answer the following three simple questions:


1. When was CallCards first introduced into Ireland?

2. Who is the sponsor of this Competition?

3. What is the website address for the sponsor of this competition?

Over 100 hundred people entered the competition and I would have loved to have been able to reward everyone for taking the time to take part in this fantastic competition. But alas a winner must be announced so without further ado I'd like to say congratulations to:

The competition Winner Is: John Murrihy who answered the three
questions correctly.
The correct answers were of course:

1. April 1988

2. Spirit Telecom


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"I'd like to thank Spirit Telecom the sponsors of this competition"

Competition Sponsored By Spirit Telecom