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Telecom Eireann Change Their Name To Eircom

The rumors have been flying around for months now about the possibility of Telecom Eireann changing their name, and of course their identity in the world of communications in Ireland. Well this rumor has now proven to be true and later on in the year Telecom Eireann will fully change their name To "Eircom". Already new phone-books bearing the companies new name and logo, which is similar to a orange with it's center cut out, and the new phone-kiosks that have just been installed around the country after their successful trials in the Co. Clare town of Ennis are now being re-vamped with orange shelf's instead of there usual green colour as well as the logos on the glass and elsewhere in the booth being changed.


New Telecom Kiosks Just After Being Installed 

New Phone-Booth's Just after been Placed around Ireland after there successful trial in Ennis Co. Clare,
before being changed to the new Eircom Phone-booths shown below.

New Eircom Phone Booth

However a taught that I'm sure is going to puzzle many collectors alike is, what is going to happen to the traditional Callcard??? Well later on in the year Telecom Eireann will release a new card bearing the new logo. The details of this card is:

1246 10u, Eircom, (20,000), O.D.S. Chipset.

New Look Eircom CallCard

So what is going to happen to all the old cards that bear the old Telecom Eireann logo???. Many questions are puzzling me, these being,

1. Will the old cards work within Eircom new phones??

2. Will the old cards bearing the old Telecom Eireann logo, rise in price as time goes by??

3. Will we see a new policy being adopted towards collectors by Eircom??

The New Eircom Logo


Who knows I guess that all we can do wait around and see what Eircom has planned for us collectors in the near future. All we can hope is that they don't forget us in all their new company policies .....

Steven Hanley 1999

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