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Eircom Launches The Euro Phonecard.


Callcards were first introduced into Ireland as far back as 1988 and since then has changed shape and style on a number of occasions but now they carry the symbol and be known as the euro phonecard. It has taken Eircom over 18 months to convert its 7,000 public telephones nationwide to accept the euro and the new cards come in the following denomination's: Four, Seven and fifteen euros.

This is a far cry from when there was 5 different denominations to name 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 unit cards and shows that Eircom no long value large value cards as being necessary. This brings me to wonder if what the collector was saying all along was true, namely almost 90% of 100unit cards sold in the past were simply purchased by collectors for their own private collections never to be used making Eircom a nice profit indeed despite what they tell the rest of us and truly showed what they really taught of us.

That behind us I am looking forward to obtaining a Euro card for my collection however these days its hard to even find a remote memory card lying in the phone box which really is a shame. I don't have much information on these cards and have listed what I do know of in my card listing page. If you have any information on any of these or any cards I don't have listed then please email me any information that you may have.



Happy collecting,


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