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Ireland's First Transparent Card Released
At The Collector's Fair '99 in Dublin


Callcard Collectors were treated to the unveiling of the first transparent Callcard ever to be released in Ireland at the Telecom Eireann Big Callcard Fair held in Dublin on the 25th of April in Dublin . The fair which is now in it's fourth year is held by Telecom Eireann and The Irish Brain Research Foundation with all proceeds of the fair going to this well worthwhile charity.

The Card which features the Collectors Club Emblem of The Squirrel, and the Irish Brain Research Foundation logo is presented in an attractive blue and white presentation folder, with a window to show the callcard in all it's glory and  features an O.D.S. Chipset which seems to be one of Telecom Eireann's most popular chip manufacturers as of late.

However despite the attractiveness of this card, and the worthiness of this cause I'm sure many other collectors both young and old worldwide will be wondering if we the collector aren't been had at 7.00 for this card when at the same time another private card (ESOP, Card No 1232) has been released making a large dent in everyone's pocket and perhaps Telecom Eireann should take steps in ensuring that collectors outside of Dublin should get a chance to get a copy of next years card as perhaps the long overhaul of favoritism towards Dublin's Collectors should be changed and the Fair Should be held in other part's of the country. So let Telecom Eireann know your opinions on this by emailing them with your say at


Card Details :

Irelands First Transparent Callcard

Front Side Of Card

Irelands First Transparent Callcard

Reverse Side Of Card Notice Transparency



Card No: Date Quantity IRE Price
1236 Released 25.04.99 2,500 7.00

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Copyright 1999 Steven Hanley