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Imagine being able to make cash purchases with a card! Well now you can, in Ennis with a Visa Cash Card. The "easy to use" Visa Cash Card allows you to pay for everyday items like bread, milk, newspapers, parking and so on without having to carry large amounts of change.

What's New In The Development Stages Of The Visa Cash Card?

The Visa Cash card was introduced as part of the Telecom Eireann Ennis Information Age. But just because Telecom Eireann has changed it's name does not   mean the end of this trial. Quite the opposite in fact as the Ennis trial of the Visa Cash card has proven to be a great success so much so that Telecom Eireann under it's new name of Eircom has just announced that Ennis will now take part in the worlds very first trial of a new telephone system to make internet information available on the screens of mobile phones.

The handsets of these phones known as Wireless Application Protocol (WAP for short) are larger than conventional handsets and will also have a larger visible screen, complete with an inbuilt miniature mouse to allow users to interface with the phone in a similar fashion to people using computers running on the drop down menu system similar to Windows operating system of the personal computer, in order to access the internet.

This is to be introduced as part of the Eircom Ennis Information Age town initiative and this system is hoped will provide users access to entertainment and travel news as well as weather information.

These new WAP phones will also be also used within the trial to load credit value onto the visa cash cards which can be used throught out Ennis for various services.


Visa- Change Is On The Cards

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