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Dummy Cards


Telecom Eireann Dummy Cards

1. I.M.I. New Way For The Nineties - Star Shape Cut Into It

2. Irish Horse Racing

A. Sclumberger -Dame Lane Square Cut Out

B. Dame Lane Orga Logo On The Reverse. 

Words "THE TELEPHONE CARD CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARD" printed on the reverse.

C. Words "THE TELEPHONE CARD CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARD 1992/93" printed on the reverse.

3. Cottage

A. Schlumberger- College Green - Medium Gloss

B. Schlumberger - College Green -  Cyan Callcard Reader Gloss

C. Schlumberger - Marlborough Street - Medium Gloss

D. Schlumberger - Dame Lane - Square Cut Out

E. Full Picture - Dame Lane - No Chip Position

F. Missing Callcard Top Header - Dane Lane

4. City Of Culture - Sclumberger Gloss - Marlborough Street

5. Trinity College

A. Schlumberger - Dame Lane - Chip Position Cut Out

B. Schlumberger  -  Dane Lane

C. Schlumberger - Dane Lane -  Chip Is In French Position

6. Christmas 1992 Gemplus - Gloss - Dame Lane- Blue Reverse

7. Tina Turner - Schlumberger - Dame Lane - Gloss

8. St Valentines Day - Schlumberger - Dame Lane - Gloss

A lot more cards were printed on Cardboard to Advertise the cards at fairs and events etc, I currently compiling a list of these, if you can be of any assistance then please get in touch at



*Note This information should be used as a guide only. I will not be responsible for any errors that may occour from the use of this information.

Copyright 2003 Steven Hanley