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Anyone Call A Guinness???


  • In 1759 Arthur Guinness took over a small disused brewery at St Jame's Gate on the outskirts of Dublin, and leased it for 9000 years at an annual rent of 45 per year!
  • 10 years later the Guinness brewery began making its first overseas export unleashing the dawning of a new era as the world was taken by storm. Arthur Guinness was so sucessful at brewing his porter that he eventually ousted all imports from the Irish market, and captured a large share of the english market and revolutionised the brewing industry.
  • Thirty years on and as the world changed dramatically around him Arthur turned his hand at brewing stout and was far more sucessful at it than any of his other Irish counterparts. His stout became so popular that he turned his back on Ale and turned his production into stout a move that has made the name Guinness one of the most recognised anywhere in the world.
  • In 1821 Arthur's company developed and brewed the companys first brew of extra Superior porter and the pint of Guinness was born.Over a hundred and seventy years on Guinness is still one of the most popular available on the market today, and as a result the Guinness Francise is worth billions of pounds each year.
  • To date there has been five different Phonecards released in Ireland bearing the Guinness Emblem.These include two by "Telecom Eireann (Eircom)", and three remote memory cards by one of Irelands newest Telecommunication operators in Ireland "Swiftcall".No collection is complete without all five as they are highly popular and here is the details regarding each card.

    Telecom Eireann(Eircom):
  • Card No:
    1062 20units, 07.06.94.

    Guinness Toucan Bird. 200,000 cards produced. Gemplus Gpt Chipset.

    Guinness Toucan World Cup Card

    Card No:
    1065 20units, 04.07.94.

    Guinness Festivals.
    200,000 cards produced.
    Sclumberger Si7 Chipset.

    Guinness Festival Card

    Swifcall has gone a step further with their Guinness releases. Rather than being in the shape and size of a standard Callcard, they have very cleverly designed the card, in the common and highly recognisable style of a Pint Of Guinness in A Tulip Glass. All three cards are exactly the same however which is a shame but are all worth looking out for.

    The card values are of 5, 10, 20 denominations.

    5 Swiftcall

    10 Swiftcall

    20 Swiftcall

    If you like Callcards with Guinness emblems then there are loads more available from many other countries around the world. There are alsolots of other beers and alcoholic bewerages advertised on Irish Callcards, including Tia Maria, Gordins Gin, Smithwicks and Hudson blue. So why not start a beer thematic for your collection today!!!

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