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Irish Callcard Listings


Contained on the following pages is a list of all Irish Releases, whether it is a Standard issue, Private issue, Test card, Superphone, UCD or Remote Memory Card. New releases or new information not readily obtainable will be added from time to time. If you know of any Irish Callcards not listed here or have any more information on cards already listed then please write to me at the following Email address:

To categorize each Irish card I have sub-divided them into six main areas namely that of :

1. Telecom Eireann & Eircom Standard as well as private issues.

2. Telecom Eireann Test & Demonstration Cards.

3. Irelands Seconds Phonecard issuing company Superphone.

4. Ireland's Remote Memory Card Releases

5. University College Dublin (U.C.D.) Releases

6. Telecom Eireann & Eircom Dummy Card Releases

To navigate around any of these areas simply select your choice from the drop down menu



*Note This information should be used as a guide only.
The S.C.C.C. will not accept any responsibility for any errors that may
occur from the use of this information.

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