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Site News

This is simply a rundown of all the latest additions to my callcard site. Due to the fact I've moved home I'm currently without net access so this page is for my benefit to help me establish what I've done with my site todate. Not sure if anyone will read this page but its cool if you do. If you spot anything incorrect or have any ideas on how to improve this site or would like to add or write an article for inclussion on this site, then please contact me at


Work currently under progress. (WIP)
  • Creation of  Gallery's of the various remote memory card manufacturers.

  • Add a questionaire poll - continuosly change on a weekly or monthly basis

  • Obtain Rare Trial Card Scans

  • Add missing card details

  • Add some more Superphone Optical and Chipcard Images that are currently missing.

  • Anything that else pops into me head??????????????

These areas may take me sometime to complete as I currently do not have net access plus new ideas are continously coming into my head so please bear with me and if you can help out in any way then please do get in contact with me at as I'd love to hear from you, and I promise to reply as soon as possible.













Areas completed, currently being tested or updated so far!

  • Replaced Front image for card no 1285. Also added back image.



  • Added one Eircell G.S.M. Card Image to the G.S.M. Gallery Page
  • Added a link to a Slovakian Phonecard Site



  • Added another unknown chip to the chipset gallery.



  • Added two more variations of an Esat Telecom G.S.M. Cards. One is Gloss while the other is matt. The break away chip is the same on both but the contacts for breaking the chip off are different.

  • Added another scan of the Eircell Chess G.S.M. Card, this time with its chip still intact.

  • Added another unknown chip to the chipset gallery.



  • Added two more scans that were missing from my gallery page, this time card no's 1286 and 1287.

  • Added the reverse image of the Orga Release Horse Racing in Ireland which was previously missing.

  • Added three Irish Chipsets missing from the chipset gallery, however I currently dont know their manufacturers or there chipnames. 

  • Added a ESAT Speakeasy G.S.M. Card to the 086 G.S.M. Gallery Page.



I've been hard at work obtaining scans and details of Superphone cards over the past few days, and am delighted to have been able to:
  • Added the reverse scans of  five Superphone chipcard's namely SC7 - SC11, the World Cup Series. 

  • Added six scans of Superphone Optical Cards that were missing from the gallery.

  • Moved all the Superphone cards around into their correct numbering system, put 10 cards on each page.

  • Created a new drop down menu for the gallery pages. This is still under construction so it may take a few days to be finished and work properly.

  • Added known details of three Superphone Demonstration Cards and also added a scan of the three cards.

  • Added another Remote Memory Card to the Remote Memory Card Listings Page.

  • Added a scan of a 10 Vodaphone Top Of Cup To The Mobile Top Up Gallery.



Today has seen loads of additions and alterations to the site, this includes:
  • Added a better scan of Test Card T9 the Mcorquodale Chipped Horse Racing In Ireland Card, and added its reverse image which was missing. 

  • Added a genuine scan of Dummy Card two. Also added its reverse image which was missing.

  • I had already added The Blue Autelca Test Card a few days ago but was unhappy with its look so I re-scanned it, and happy to report a far better image.

  • Tidied up the Test Card Gallery Page.

  • Added a better scan of the specimen version of the Eircell G.S.M Card. I also added the reverse image which was previously missing.

  • Added a scan of Superphones first chipcard. I also added the reverse image's of  a couple of superphone card's that were missing, i.e. Alcock & Brown 2, Father Of The Submarine, Tallaght Aerodrome DeHavilland 6. 

  • Put the Superphone Chipcard Gallery into its proper order and renumbered all the cards accordingly.

  • Improved the image of the Gemplus GP2 Chipset used on various cards such as superphones first chipset release - Alcock & Brown

  • Improved the image of the Schlumberger SiE Chipset 



  • Added Orga Test Card to the test card gallery.

  • Added the Intel And Orga OR2 Chipset to the Chipset Gallery.

  • Fixed up a few typos around the site.



  • Added Dummy Card Listing Page

  • Added a navigator menu to the cards listings page.



  • Added U.C.D. Card Listing Page

  • Added two new dummy cards to the dummy card gallery.

  • Added a calendar scan to the dummy card gallery.

  • Fixed a few links to pictures missing from various article pages.

  • Added a new article entitled where did the 3 trials take place



  • Obtained a better scan of the GPT Plessey Trial Card for the trial gallery card Page.

  • Added scan's of the Mc Corquodale Test Card 1,  the Autelca Blue Arrow and the Intel Chip 50 Unit Irish Horse Racing cards to the test and trial card gallery page.

  • Added another Trinity College Demonstration card to the Dummy card gallery page.

  • Finally managed to get a copy of card no 1234 the Irish Release for the Global Alliance Pack.

    I would like to thank my good friend Dennis Duggan for providing me with these cards for scanning purposes. I am hoping to obtain some more rare cards from him in the near future for inclussion here so watch this space.



  • Added two more missing images of cards 1311 and 1314 to the callcard gallery page.



  • Added a new page called chargecard gallery containing three images of Irish chargecards. A chargecard was basically a card linked to a customers home or business phone, in which they could use the card to make a call and then it was billed to the customers home or business phone account. It could be used in both Ireland and abroad.

  • On some of the gallery pages the drop down menu bar was not working correctly. Hopefully this problem has now been fixed.



  • Added a variation of one of the Eircell cards already featured and also added a new vodafone G.S.M. Card picture to the G.S.M. Gallery Page.

  • Added some more variations of the simply talk card's to the card listings page.

  • Added a Xmas Edition Meteor Topup card to the Mobile Topup gallery page. Also improved the overall quality of the reverse side of all the other Meteor Mobile top up cards already featured.



  • Added images of callcard no's 1295, 1301 to the callcard picture gallery's.

  • Added known details of a second special olympics card, not sure of its current face value.



  • Added images of callcard no's 1290, 1309, 1315 and 1316 to the callcard picture gallery.



  • Added a front image of card number 1285 to gallery page 29.  My thanks to Eric Caris of Holland for providing me with this. I will be adding some more pics Eric has provided me over the coming days and you can check out Eric's fantastic site at



  • Have had no site additions  for ages now so apologies on my behalf for this. Its getting harder all the time to get news on Irish cards but news of a new exciting site came my way so I've added a link to a new page called Phonecard Collector in the links page. Many thanks to Georgi Zlatev, for the news of this fantastic site and many thanks for the link back to my own site.

  • Added details of a new card, card number unknown at this time. It is a 7 Special Olympics card.



  • Finally managed to obtain the numbering systems for the Simply talk cards. These have now been added and the cards moved to their correct positions within the gallery.



  • Added another three cards to the remote memory card listings page. I also rearranged the card producers alphabetically to make it a little easier to follow. However I have left Telecom Eireann (Eircom) at the top.

  • Added another site to the links page, this time a link to a new Belgium phonecard site.



  • Been very busy over the last few week's, hence why there has been no updates. However I do have two more scans of the world cup cards No's 1310 & 1313 supplied to me by Eric Caris, so thank's a million for these Eric, they are much appreciated.



  • Updates beoming scarce again I'm afraid. Added details of two more remote memory cards to the remote memory card listings Page.



  • Just a very small update this week. Added details of two more Remote Memory Cards to the remote memory card listings page.



  • Added Another world cup card to the callcard gallery. This time card no: 1314 which is a 7 bearing the picture of Steve Staunton.

  • Added another card to the currently unknown card no's gallery. This time I've added the Simplytalk 7 card

  • Cleaned up a few parts of the site and updated copyright links etc. 


  • Added a new article detailing information on the 94 Gaudi Trial 
    (DASH CARD) 



  • First update of the year, added some details of the ACC smart card trial held in 1994 to the articles page.

  • Added details of more Remote memory cards to the remote memory card listings page. 



  • Added an O2 G.S.M. Card Image to the G.S.M. Gallery.



  • Added 3 more world cup card pictures to the Callcard Gallery. This Time card No's 1298 + 1303 + 1305. You can view them on Gallery Page's 30 + 31 respectively..




  • Added 2 more world cup card pictures to the Callcard Gallery. This Time card No's 1307 + 1308. You can view them on Gallery Page 31.



  • I have finally managed to get the collector's card numbers for the complete 26 world cup cards thanks to a fellow Limerick Callcard Collector William Reeve's. So thank's for that William. He also supplied me with 5 cards from the set I didnt have so I will be scanning these in over the next few days and changing the gallery to correspond with each of these numbers that is now known to me..



  • Restructured the Superphone Gallery, seperating the Optical Relases from the chip releases. I also put the images I currently have from the optical cards and put them in the correct order in the gallery.

  • Added 11 new Superphone chip releases to the Superphone Chipcard Gallery.

  • Added details of the Superphone Communications 1995 card which was missing from the Superphone listings page. Sorry about that mishap.

  • Added another Remote memory card's details to the Remote Memory Listing Page. 



  • Added another world cup card image to Unknown card no's gallery. This time a 4 card bearing the picture of Kenny Cunningham. I now have 5 out of 26 cards shown.

  • Added a variation of Irelands first G.S.M. Card to the G.S.M. Gallery.

  • Added another card to the UCD Gallery Page, Piero Tintori's Consise Irish Catalogue card.



  • Added 1 new 02 Mobile Top Up card image to the Mobile Top Up Gallery Page. 

  • Improved the quality of the Si8 Chipset in the chipset gallery.

  • Added the 2 back images of Limerick Trial Cards 1019 + 1020 which were missing.

  • Improved the quality of the Limerick Trial Cards.

  • Restructured Gallery Page 2

  • Restructured the Chipset Gallery.



  • Added 1 new Eircell card image to the G.S.M. Gallery Page. 

  • Added the Gemplus GP2 & Schlumberger SiE chipset used on various GSM cards to the chipset gallery. I also improved the images of all the other chipsets already featured. I'm trying to add the few remaining chipsets such as the Intel Chipset, but this is proving to be quite a difficult task, can you help?

  • Added details of 20+ known remote memory cards to the Remote Memory Listings Page.



  • Added 2 new Eircell card images to the G.S.M. Gallery Page. I also improved the image quality of the exsisting card images in the gallery.

  • Added 6 new card images to the Superphone Gallery Page

  • Added 2 new images to the Mobile Topup Page, One Eircell 5 Ready To Go Card and one Esat Digifone 10 EasyKey Card.

  • Added a Sitenews graphic to the top of this page. 



  • Added 2 new cards, notibily Esat Digifone card images to the Mobile Top Up Gallery Page.



  • Added 3 new cards, notibly Meteor Communication images to the Mobile Top Up Gallery Page.



  • Added another three images to Test Card Gallery Page



  • Added some more Superphone card images.

  • Added a couple of Virtual Callcards that I've been messing about with

  • Fixed a few chipset Images



  • Created UCD ( University College Dublin) PhoneCard Gallery.

  • Created G.S.M. Card Gallery.

  • Added A virtual Gallery Section where you can show off some of youre own callcard designs.

  • Added Superphone gallery. Will be adding more images in the coming days.

  • Fixed a few more card images.



  • Added Image of 1031A, a slight variation of 1031. Also fixed a few back images. I currently use similar back images for some cards. However the only difference is that of the control numbers. I'm almost complete with this task.



  • Added known information about another World Cup Card , this time of Clinton Morrison. I also added an image of the card to the callcard gallery page 30. I now have 4 out of a possible 26 cards shown on this site. 



  • Added a new section in the Gallery containing a few Irish G.S.M. cards. Althought not complete these are all I have currently in my own collection. Help is certainly needed to complete this list. Check it out by clicking here

  • Added University college Dublin phonecard Gallery. Check it out by clicking here



  • Added more information regarding some of the other Irish Telecom companies that produced chipcards in Ireland. You can read it in the articles section entitled "Types of CallCard types used  in Ireland" or clicking here 

  • Added some more facts about callcards in the article "Callcard facts" which can also be found in the articles section or can be accessed by clicking here 




  • Well my counter provider of the last 4 years stopped their services so I had to trial test a few counter providers and after 3 attempts I've finally found one I like.




  • Added 7 new callcard images to the callcard gallery. If you can help identify their card numbers then please do get in contact. These can be found in gallery page 30 or by clicking here



  • Added details of Test card number 10 (T10). These details can be found in the Test & Demonstration listing page or by clicking here or to view what the card looks like click here

  • Worked on drop down card menu system in the callcard gallery. This has been causing me grief for sometime now and Im hoping this finally solves it. I have also changed its colour to fit in with the sites new GUI.



  • Added the quantity of card for card no 1114 to the card listings page. No idea how I missed this before?



  • Completed work on gallery.

  • Improved a few callcard images in the gallery.



  • Fixed a few typos on the callcard list page.

  • Started work on adding information such as card no's and card names to the gallery page as requested by hundreds of visiters. This is a huge undertaking.



  • New site layout goes live for first time, fingers crossed I have everything right.



  • Fixed various links, spelling errors and a few other problems encountered throughout the site.

  • Added listings of some more Telecom Companies now producing remote memory cards for the Irish market for the card producing article.







  • Started work on New Graphical Interface (GUI) for site with the help of my cousin Ken a graphical artist.






Copyright 1998 - 2004 Steven Hanley