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SuperPhone Callcard Releases


Superphone - Magnetic Cards 

Legend: SM= Superphone Magnetic Strip, SC= Superphone Chip, SD= Demo Card

SM1. 5u  SuperPhone Trial Card

SM2. 5u,  Cronin’s Of Cork

SM3. 10u, Cronin’s Of Cork

SM4. 5u, Ardcavan Coaches

SM5. 10u, Ardcavan Coaches

SM6. 5u, SuperPhone Paycall

SM7. 10u, SuperPhone Paycall

SM8. 20u, SuperPhone Paycall

SM9. 5u, Telecell (1st Edition)

SM10. 10u, Telecell (1st Edition)

SM11. 20u,Telecell (1st Edition)

SM12. 10u, Telecell (2nd Edition)

SM13. 20u, Telecell (2nd Edition)

SM14. 5u, Complimentary 1st Edition

SM15. 10u , Complimentary 1st Edition

SM16. 20u, Complimentary 1st Edition

SM17. 50u, Complimentary 1st Edition

SM18. 5u, Collin's Coaches

SM19. 10u, Collin's Coaches

SM20. 5u, Rapid Express

SM21. 10u, Rapid Express

SM22. 5u, O’Brien’s Shipping

SM23. 10u, O’Brien’s Shipping

SM24. 5u, Eirebus

SM5. 10u, Eirebus

SM26. 5u, Donnelly’s Coaches

SM27. 10u, Donnelly’s Coaches

SM28. 10u, Cronin’s Coaches

SM29. 20u, Cronin’s Coaches

SM30. 5u, SuperPhone Complimentary 2nd Edition

SM31. 10u, SuperPhone Complimentary 2nd Edition

SM32. 5u, 07.95, Irish Phonecard News, (Never Encoded).


Superphone Chip Cards

SC1. 30 units,  Alcock & Brown1 - 1st Transatalantic Crossing
13 issued, Gemplus GP2 Chipset

SC2. 5 units, October - November 1994  Alcock & Brown2 
- 1st Transatalantic Flight, (200 issued),
O.D.S 1 Chipset

SC3. 30u, 09.02.95, John Phillip Holland ( Submarine), (500 issued),
ODS2 Chipset

SC4. 30u, 04.04.95, Communications 95, 390 Issued, ODS2 Chipset

SC5. 30u, 03.03.95, Tallaght Aerodrome DeHavilland 6, (500 issued),
ODS2 Chipset

SC6. 30u, 03.03.95, Tallaght Aerodrome Avro 504k, (500 issued),
ODS2 Chipset

SC7. 30u, 07.04.95, World Cup 1994 - U.S.A, (210 issued), ODS2 Chipset

SC8. 30u, 07.04.95, World Cup 1994 - Italy, (210 issued), ODS2 Chipset

SC9. 30u, 07.04.95, World Cup 1994 - Mexico, (210 issued), ODS2 Chipset

SC10. 30u, 07.04.95, World Cup 1994 - Norway, (210 issued), ODS2 Chipset

SC11. 30u, 07.04.95, World Cup 1994 - Holland, (210 issued), ODS2 Chipset

SC12. 30u, 29.05.95, Winning Hand, (600 issued), ODS2 Chipset

SC13. 30u, The Celtic CallCard Collector's Club, (16 issued), ??? Chipset

SC14. 20u, 29.05.95, The Celtic CallCard Collector's Club
750 issued ODS2 Chipset

Superphone Demonstration Cards

SD1. Alcock & Brown2 - Picture of Just plane flying, No Writing.

Blank Reverse No Chipset

SD2. Alcock & Brown2- Picture of plane flying, Alcock & Brown 

14/15 June 1919 - Word "Text" Overlayed. Blank Reverse

SD3. Alcock & Brown2 Darkened Picture - Alcock & Brown text over plane,

Tranatlantic Crossing written under plane. Picture much closer. Blank Reverse. 



*Note This information should be used as a guide only. I will not be responsible for any errors that may occour from the use of this information.