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re you looking to swap cards with fellow collectors around the world?? If  the answer is yes then why not place an add here describing what you collect and what you are willing to swap. Ad's should be no more than 50 words in length and all correspondence will be done via email. I will not advertise your home address here, only your email address so terms between interested parties can be private amongst yourselves


The S.C.C.C. recommends that swaps should be done a one per one basis however it is entirely up to yourself, but remember never send a large number of cards until a solid Relationship\Correspondence has been reached, as many people simply take rather than fulfill their part of the bargain.


I may not have swapped all\any of the people advertising here but any I have swapped with I will declare. If you had any difficulty in swapping any of the people on this list then please let me know and I will remove their advertisement. If you intend on using this service regularly then why not reward me for my hard work by sending me two picture cards from your's up to you...


So what are you waiting for?? Email me your ad's today to open a new gate to fellow collectors around the world who's also looking to swap foreign phonecards from country's you didn't even no existed. Remember to tell the collectors listed where you saw their add, thanks, and   remember to check out all this page as there is lots to choose from.

All the best and happy collecting,

Steven Hanley...



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*Please Note*

The ShannonSide Callcard Collectors Club, it's officers, committee and members do not accept any responsibility, whatsoever either signally or collectively, for any loss or consequence of whatever nature arising from any correspondence or arrangements entered into by respondents to any of the advertisements contained herein. Respondents are advised to carefully check the credentials of any person or organization with whom they correspond before entering into any commitments, and also not to send cards or cash until a firm basis for exchange has been established.

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