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Want to place an advertisement here free of charge, well email your details to me to open the door to millions of other collectors dying to add to swap you to add to their collections.


Email And Website Address:

Looking For:
G Email:  I'm looking 4 a copy of  card no 1246 10 units. Thanks a million
Daniel Email: Daniel is currently looking for Tia Maria '95 A & B mint or used to either  buy or swap.
Carol Email: Carol is looking for a copy of the Callcard with George Michael on the front of it, if you can help her obtain a copy please email her.
Zarunin E.
Email: I offer many different Russian phonecards for exchange. I not collect phonecards and want only stamps of China /mint, used, CTO, full set, broken set/pre 1970 only/no Taiwan/,I offer 1 phonecard of Russia for any 10 stamps of China pre 1970 only. I am serious, honest collector and I answer for all your offers. Any other offers of China stamps pre 1970 welcome
Yousuf Al-Zadjali Email:

Yousuf Al-Zadjali, Sultanate of Oman, Oman Website Address:

Yousuf is looking for worldwide exchanges and is offering Oman Phonecard releases.
Andrew Egan Email: Andrew is looking to exchange cards with foreign collectors ,and has lot's of Irish cards to swap , all emails will be answered !!!
Olley Millington Email: Olley is look for a copy of the Ennis Trial Visa Cash Card and is also searching for any of the Galway or Dublin Trial Cards.

If U can help him out, email him as Olley is offering a huge amount of New Zealand as well as other cards for swap.

Ciaran Keating Email: Ciaran is looking for the 1991 releases of "The All-Ireland Hurling Card" and a copy of "The All Ireland Football Card", Card No's  1029 and 1030 respectively.
Joe Griffan Email: Joe is looking for a copy of the Dart Callcard No: 1126. If you have a copy of this spare then why not contact Joe and arrange a deal.
Thijs Groenhuis Email: Hello, I am a collector of phone Cards. I am from the Netherlands, Europe. I am looking for people who are interested to exchange phone cards with me.

I have a lot of Dutch cards to offer. Please contact me if you are interested.

Mike Padfield. Email: Mike is currently selling copies of the following Irish Cards.
Dublin Trial set of 5

-Landis & Gyr Trial set of 5
-Autelca Trial set of 5
-FITCE Millennium
-Irish Management 20 unit
-National Management Conference
Vladimir Email: Looking for cards with the following themes:

Cartoon movies (all)
National dress
Antivandale topic (only pictures)
Smoke cards
("Rothmans int.", "Dunhill", etc.)
Kroatian cards

Can offer different themed cards from Russia and ex USSR States in exchange.

Mike Smith Email: Wanted Irish phone cards - numbers 1234, 1203, 1081, 1050, 1044, 1035, 1030, 1028, 1027, 1025, 1021, 1019, 1020, 1017, 1016, 1015, 1014, 1011, 1010, 1009, 1008, 1006, 1005, 1004, 1001.

I wish to swap for cards from New Zealand, Australia and Japan.
Vassilis Tsaoussis Email: I am a world wide phonecards collector in Greece, I have Greek phonecards and Greek-Cyprus catalogue (of which I am the editor ).

I would like to swap:

Greek phonecards with cards of Your Country, my catalogue with cards or other catalogues. My catalogue, which is multilingual (Greek, French, English, Italian , German and Spanish), has colour photos of all the existing cards and is pocket size costs you $7   US Dollars, post and package included.






GSM cards from worldwide countries as well as swapping partners worldwide, offering Polish and other worldwide countries phonecards in exchange.
Nissim Francez






Looking for Irish swap partners, offering Israeli Phonecards in exchange.



Alessandro Savocco


A serious swapper from Ireland, UK and Portugal. Please contact me if your are  a collector from any one of these countries.


Chryssi Somara






My name is Chryssi and I have a lot of Greek cards for swapping. If you are interested please make contact with me



David Kelly








I am an Irish callcard collector interested in swapping with anyone who has aviation related cards. Please e-mail me to arrange a swap, or so I can tell you what cards I have.


Jose Andresu




Looking to swap collectors from Ireland Has lots of different cards to offer for swap.


Stefan Klincewicz




Stefan is currently looking for the following cards:
1027 - Rock of Cashel 100
1035 - Limerick Treaty 5
1044 - Collectors Fair '93 - Castle


I. Brink




I am a Dutch callcard collector interested in swapping with anyone with Irish cards. I have a lot of Scandinavian cards and of course Dutch cards to offer.


Sjaak Buis Email: I have a number of cards from Holland and from world-wide countries, looking for partners worldwide.


Jose Soeiro Email: Jose is currently looking to add to his Irish collection and is currently seeking:
- 2 GPT cards
- 2 Autelca cards
- 50unit  E.C. Presidency


French Collector Email: Hi, I am a French phonecards collector. I am looking for some Irish phonecards before 1997 (list on request). I can give many worldwide phonecards in exchange.