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Test And Demonstration Cards


Telecom Eireann Test & Demonstration Cards

1000u, 88, Plessey - Red Handset, GPT

??u, 89, Blue Arrow, Autelca

240u, 89, Blue 2 Track Service Card, Landis & Gyr

150u, ??, Standard Test Card, Schlumberger

??u, ??, Monetel Test Card, (200 issued, 50 - encoded for Ireland), Gemplus

??u, ??, ICC Test Card One, (43 issued), Orga

??u, ??, ICC Test Card Two, (??), Orga

??u, ??, Brevetron Innovation- Soliac 45060, (?? issued),
Soliac SO3 chipset

Telecom Card No 1025: 20u, Cottage - Black Back Reverse,
(1000 issued),Soliac SO3 chipset

??u "Test Card 1" (??), McCorquodale

??u, "Test Card 2" (??), SGS-Thompson Standard Chipset

??u,"Test Card", Manufacturer Orga, Chipset -Orga

50u,  Irish Horse Racing, Manufacturer Intel, Intel Chipset

50u, Irish Horse Racing, Manufacturer Orga, McCorquodale Chipset

10u, Irish Horse Racing, (10,000 issued) Gloss, Orga Chipset

10u, Irish Horse Racing, Released Sept 95 (50,000 issued) Gloss, Orga Chipset (Innovation logo half size of above) 



*Note This information should be used as a guide only. I will not be responsible for any errors that may occour from the use of this information.