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UCD Card Releases.


University College Dublin Card Releases

UCD 1 20 Units, U.C.D. Crest White Backround, 5000 Issued, Dephic 1 Chipset

UCD 2 5 Units, "The Consise Irish Callcard Catalogue", 500 Issued Delphic 2 Chipset

UCD 3 20 Units, U.C.D. Crest White Backround, 2,000 Issued, Delphic 2 Chipset

UCD 4 20 Units U.C.D. Crest Blue Backround, Qty Issued?, Delphic 1 Chipset


I currently only know of four releases issued for the sole use within the U.C.D. Campus. If you know of any more or can be of any assistance with providing any other information then please get in contact with me at



*Note This information should be used as a guide only. I will not be responsible for any errors that may occour from the use of this information.

 Copyright 2003 Steven Hanley