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About The S.C.C.C.

The ShannonSide Callcard Collectors club was set up a number of years ago with the emphasis of bringing together collectors of Callcards. By holding a Mini-Market on the first and third Saturday of each month helped fulfill this dream as collectors could sell, buy or even swap with fellow members of the club. 

The S.C.C.C. has gone through many mishaps over the last number of year's and our newsletter that proved a popular success has since ceased publication, further to this our Mini-Fair has now ceased to exist due to the fact that far too many people have tried to spoil our great hobby by simply flooding the market with cards that were before hand hard to get. It is now no-longer viable for both myself our other Club committee members to continue to support this mini-fair out of our own pockets, but we wish all our fellow collectors all the best in the future and we hope that some day we can re-establish ourselves.

We have not forgotten any of our members and hence this is why this web page has been designed. So if you collect Callcards and have written any articles about this great hobby or would like to contribute anything you'd like to see here then why not contact me at and I will do my best to help you in any way I can.  

RegardsSteven Hanley. 

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Where We Were Once Based

The ShannonSide Callcard Collector's Club was once based in the
 heart of Limerick City in the southwest of Ireland.

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The ShannonSide Callcard Collectors Club, it's officers, committee and members do not accept any responsibility, whatsoever either signally or collectively, for any loss or consequence of whatever nature arising from any correspondence or arrangements entered into by respondents to any of the advertisements contained herein. Respondents are advised to carefully check the credentials of any personor organization with whom they correspond before entering into any commitments, and also not to send cards or cash until a firm basis for exchange has been established.

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