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Irish Chipsets

There are a number of different Chipsets used on Callcards and Phonecards throughout the world and these Chips are Developed and Manufactured by various companies namely Gemplus, Schlumberger, O.D.S., Bull technologies and Intel to name but a few. This section is based solely on the Chipsets used on Irish Callcards and is sub-divided into Manufacturing Company categories.



The GP1 chipset is is the most commonly used chip on Irish Callcards. Current standard chips can hold upto 256 bits of information. However the GP2 chipset can hold upto a staggering 23,679 units.

Gemplus Logo


Gemplus GPT 1 Chipset
1. GP 1 - 75 degree angle

Gemplus GPT 2 Chipset
2. GP 1 - 90 degree angle



Gemplus GPT 2 Chipset

3. GP2 


Currently Unknown Gemplus Chipset

4. Currently Unknown Gemplus Chip
Appeared On Esat G.S.M. Card





Schlumberger has produced a wide variety of different Chips and a total of eight different chips has appeared by them so far on Irish Cards. This was the very first Chip-set to be used in Ireland. The Difference between the SI4 and the SI5 chip is the width of the "Horizontal bars" or "Contacts" running along the side of the chip. Notice that the SI4 has thin bars while the SI5 has more thicker bars. 


Schlumberger SI4 Chipset

1. SI4


Schlumberger SI5 Chipset

2. SI5


Si4 Gold

  Gold SI4


 Gold SI5



Schlumberger SI6 Chipset Schlumberger SI7 Chipset Si8 Chipset SiE Chipset
3. S16 (Tulip Chip) 4. SI7 5. SI8 6. SIE





This chip has only appeared on Irish test cards. It is most commonly known as appearing on the Black back Cottage. This was a trial staged on Train networks. There was only 1,000 cards issued. The cards never worked on the mobile Monetal card phones which use the Eircell mobile phone system however so the Trial was finished. When the Trials were completed a total of 650 cards were sold through the Callcard Collectors Club.

Soliac So3 Chipset

1. SO3.



Oldenburg Data Systems (O.D.S.):


O.D.S. 1 Chipset O.D.S. 2 Chipset O.D.S. 3 Chipset
1. O.D.S. 1 2. O.D.S.  2

3. O.D.S. 3



1. OR1

This chip originally only appeared on one Irish Callcard "The Irish Horse Racing Definitive card". There are two variations of the card. One contains a larger Orga symbol than the other on the reverse of the card. This is a relatively scarce card to find. The chip has also appeared on a number of test cards produced for use in Ireland. However it has now been used on a wide variety of card released to the public.


Orga Chipset Orga 2 Chipset
1. OR1 2. OR2




This Chip was used on Test Card 2 and an Irish Horse Racing Definitive Card. The strange thing about this card was that it was programmed for 50 units while 10 units was only printed on the card. There was only 50 of these cards issued. 


McCorquodale Chipset

McCorquodale Chipset



This chipset has only been used for cards manufactured for UCD (University College Dublin) as well as one other card commissioned by Piero Tintori For his Consise Irish Callcard Catalogue. 

Delphic 1 Chipset

Delphic 1 Chipset

As appeared on the UCD Crest Card
 as produced by the "Irish Telephone Company"


Delphic 2 Chipset

Delphic 2 Chipset

As appeared on the "The Consise Irish Callcard Catalogue" produced by Piero Tintori




There has currently been only one Intel Chipset used on Irish callcard, notibly an Irish Horse Racing Definitive Card. It was programmed for 50 units while 10 units was only printed on the card. 


Intel Chipset

Intel Chipset


Currently Unknown Chip Manufacturers

The three chipsets listed below have featured on various Irish G.S.M. carsds. I currently do not know there manufacturer's or chip names. If you can help identify them, then please contact me at ,any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Currently Unknown Chipset 1

Unknown Chipset 1
Appeared On Eircell G.S.M. Card

Currently Unknown Chipset 2

Unknown Chipset 2
Appeared On Eircell G.S.M. Card

Currently Unknown Chipset 3

Unknown Chipset 3
Appeared On Esat G.S.M. Card



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