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Callcard Related Articles

This section of my website is devoted to scanning the net in search of  interesting articles regarding our unique hobby. Wherever possible the author\authors of the article will be told about there articles appearing here. If for any reason I cannot get into contact with the author\authors of the publication due to unforeseen measures I will simply add them anyway. Full credit will be given to the author\ authors and in no way will the content be changed from it's original format without permission being sought first..

Articles You May Find Interesting :

Articles Wanted :

Have you written any articles about phonecards. If so then why not share your knowledge with the millions of collectors around the world. It doesn't matter what your content is about so long as it regards callcards or phonecards as a whole. If you would like to include your work or opinion on any callcard issue here then please email me a copy of your article or address of your article if already stored on your own website to me at the following address:

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